Wiki Chaves

Wiki Chaves

Hi, my full name is Francisco Chaves, but most of my friends just call me Wiki.

In May 2011, Wences Casares recruited me to join his new startup. At that time, we had no name or even a product, but we knew we wanted to do something related with finance and mobile. I packed my bags and moved to Palo Alto.

During the following 2½ years, I worked closely with the marketing team to build and develop the brand and identity, with the product team to think up and design new products and features, and with the engineering team to develop them.

In December 2013, Lemon Wallet was acquired by LifeLock and I joined LifeLock team as a Product Designer.

You can see my recent work at Dribbble or check my LinkedIn profile.

You can contact me via Email or Twitter.